Bottle washers

from manuals small until fully automated lines for large productions, our products wash the food sector are able to meet every need production.



Immersion treatment rinsing equipments for brand-new bottles or any other glass containers.


Bottle washers

Our models were born to get your glass containers washed.


Crate washers

A whole series of standard and special crate-washing equipment created to fulfill any technical or logistical requirement.



Slave equipment

Our PACK line includes cartoner and de-cartoner machine to be used alone or integrated in a packing line.


Small productions

Special equipments thought to meet small production specific requirements.


Types of washing

Guide to our several washing solutions.

Recipients and examples of application

These are some examples and practical applications of our bottle washing products.

The design, materials, and/or specification are subject to change without notice due to Ates's continuing program of improvement.

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