Ates Impianti supplies the drinks industry by planning and manufacturing machines and plants in order to have principally a dynamic structure, able to meet the changing market demands.
Ates Impianti develops the projects with the most innovative 3D systems thanks to a technical staff with a confirmed experience in the field.
Ates Impianti finds personalized solutions to satisfy the customer's need realizing the equipment of hightest quality.
Ates Impianti offers a service of quality improving the times and the investments and giving the guarantee for the technical assistance, which is precise and qualificated.

Our Company projects and manufactures standard and special equipment to fulfill any kind of production requirement involving metal o non metal object washing. Our workshop generous area allows us to manufacture even big sized equipments. We offer modular systems, suitable to any working condition. Our machines cover the complete range, from manual lines -suitable for small quantity production- up to semi-automated o fully automated lines for large productions.

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