Special washing


Special washing

ALEXLAB - Speciali

Over the last several years,ATES Impianti srl. has been carefully crafting a system to
completely remove both a label and the adhesive sticking it to the container, leaving the bottle clean
and residue, scratch and mark-free, and reducing or totally eliminating discarded items.

Following repeated studies, we have PATENTED and implemented an effective and guaranteed system, which uses no heat, chemical products, or solvents, with low energy consumption,
and which allows for containers to be immediately reused.

Thus ALEXLAB was founded, to solve the problem of glass bottles, although our system is perfectly adaptable to any container.

The ALEXLAB system is extremely innovative, removing labels and adhesive from any container
and leaving them clean and mark-free.

Turnaround times are extremely rapid, reducing stops in production to a minimum.
The ALEXLAB models are designed to work either directly on production lines or individually.
They can handle a demand ranging from 1,000 pieces/hour to a maximum of 9,000 pieces/hour.

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  • Automatic feeding and withstanding the distance through a respective screw.
  • The machine is entirely fulfilled of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Safety protections are performed in accordance with UN norms.
  • Quick format change with the system of rapid un-coupling.
  • The machine is completely electronic with a variable speed.
  • Convenient machine functioning control via touch-screen operator panel.
  • Great operating simplicity for easy handling in any context.
  • Extreme flexibility, robustness, and reduced envi-ronmental impact.

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